Welcome to the Safari Golf Club’s newsroom! Here, you can find information about how to submit a media request to our Communications team and have access to our policies, blog, and press releases that include images and video.

We value our relationships with the media, and we strive to share our organization’s important stories about wildlife conservation, education, and family fun with our diverse audiences. If you would like to be added to our media list to receive press releases and stay up-to-date with the latest news, please email our Communications team at pr@columbuszoo.org.

For an overview of the Safari Golf Club, please visit our About page. For recent news, visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Newsroom.

Media Requests

If you have a media request for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay, and Safari Golf Club--including interviews, social media collaboration, photo/video requests, commercial shoots, and other inquiries—please contact the Communications team at pr@columbuszoo.org.

When submitting your request, be sure to include details of your request and your deadline. Every effort will be made to respond to media requests within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that interviews are arranged by the Communications team, who may handle the interview directly or designate another member of the staff who is an expert on the requested subject. Media calls made directly to other employees of our organization will be routed back to the Communications team for consideration. If you need immediate assistance and are unable to reach the Communications team, please call (614) 724-3405 to speak with a receptionist.

For all other non-media requests or general inquiries, please contact our Call Center at info@columbuszoo.org.

Onsite Media Access

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay, and Safari Golf Club support an efficient, service-oriented effort to respond to both public inquiries and media requests for information and/or assistance relating to the organization. The Media Access Policy helps to ensure:

  • the safety of the staff, animals, and the public
  • an efficient and accurate response to media and public inquiries
  • response to media requests without negatively impacting our visitor experience
  • the timely completion of staff duties

Connecting With the Communications Team

It is the goal of our Communications team to provide a service to the media and to ensure their time spent at our properties is as productive as possible. Please contact the Communications team at pr@columbuszoo.org with any questions or to make arrangements for onsite coverage.

Prior to Arrival

To access the organization’s properties, members of the media must connect with the Communications team prior to arrival for special arrangements to be made, including having a required onsite escort available for assistance in navigating the property, potentially answering guests’ questions, and connecting with other team members as appropriate.

Behind the Scenes Access

Typically, behind-the-scenes access to media is not approved. However, if it is deemed appropriate for media to have access to non-public areas, the Communications team will work with staff to determine a safe distance or vantage point from which media can work. 

Photo/Video Provided

When media access is not possible, the Communications team may arrange for a staff member to shoot video and/or photos for distribution to the media.

Reporting Live

Members of the media are welcome to conduct live broadcasts at Safari Golf Club. Locations will be determined by the Communications team based on guest and employee safety and other factors. 


Parking arrangements will be made through the Communications team when finalizing details for the media request.

Onsite Photo/Video Policy

Anyone can take photos and video during their visit to our properties for private, personal use only. Taking photos or video for commercial purposes, including for stock images, commercial products, and other commercial purposes, is prohibited. (See our Location Filming Policy section for additional information.)

If your photos are for non-commercial purposes (including student projects), you may visit our park as a regular guest (admission costs will apply; please see website for current hours and prices) and take your images provided these guidelines are followed:

  • Photos cannot be sold or published
  • No tripods or monopods are permitted to block guest walkways
  • Selfie sticks may be used but cannot cross barriers or negatively impact other guests
  • Plugging into electrical outlets on our properties is strictly prohibited
  • Stopping guest traffic in order to take photos is prohibited
  • The party is not permitted to disrupt guests or staff in any way
  • For the comfort of other guests, please do not take flash photography indoors
  • No special assistance shall be provided (including golf carts, security, etc.)
  • Parties not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave the premises

The creation of photos or video for commercial purposes, including stock imagery, commercial products, portraiture (including engagement photos and graduation photos) and other commercial purposes is prohibited. (See our Location Filming Policy section for additional information.)

On occasion, our photographers will photograph or film guests for our organization’s educational or promotional use. Guest entry to the Columbus Zoo, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay, and/or Safari Golf Club grants our organization permission for use of this imagery.

Our team members reserve the right to approach photographers/videographers in the park about their work. If the appropriate permission from our Communications team has not been granted or if policies are not being followed appropriately, the party will be asked to return their equipment to their vehicle before enjoying the rest of their visit at our property.

Photo and Video Requests

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay, and Safari Golf Club maintains an extensive library of photos and video that is available to member of the media for use with proper credit with stories about our properties. These photos are available to the media at no charge if they are used for editorial use.

Commercial use of this media (including use in textbooks and published materials, documentaries, television, Web, etc.) may be granted. However, use of this media must align with our organization's mission and is subject to a fee.

To inquire about media for publication and for commercial use, please email photos@columbuszoo.org. Be sure to include your name, publication, details for request (including topic), and publication date. Requests must be received at least two (2) weeks in advance to ensure timely fulfillment.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Policy

For the safety and wellbeing of our guests and animals, the launching and/or operation of a UAS (drone) from or above our properties is strictly prohibited.

On occasion, our internal team does operate a UAS (drone). This operation is in strict accordance with FAA guidelines, and the operator is in constant communication with team members to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and animals.

Location Filming Policy

We are pleased to assist photography and filming projects in conjunction with our organization’s mission of Empowering People. Saving Wildlife. To ensure other guests’ experiences are not negatively impacted, the following guidelines and policies must be met and adhered to:

Requests and Preparation

  • All requests must align with our organization’s mission and must reflect a professional and positive image of our organization, the animals, habitats, grounds, and team members.
  • All requests must be in writing and presented to our Communications team at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of filming with the following information:
    • Include your name, address, phone number and email address.
    • Provide a detailed description of the project.
    • Explain where, when, and how it will be broadcast/published.
    • Indicate how many people will be coming.
    • Indicate how much time is needed for the shoot and your desired start date/time (include set-up/tear down time).
    • Indicate any special equipment and assistance needed from our organization (electrical needs, etc.).
    • Indicate what area(s) of our property in which you would like to film
    • Indicate whether you wish to interview staff members/guests/volunteers, and outline your interview request.
    • List any other details that are important to the shoot.
    • Email the information to pr@columbuszoo.org
  • All requests are subject to fee guidelines established by our organization’s Communications team as set forth herein.
  • Any cancellations and/or changes to any requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance of production date.
  • All request approvals are subject to final approval by our Communications team. 
  • The production company shall obtain appearance releases for guests whenever necessary.
  • Before shooting can begin, production companies must provide proof of general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. In some cases, companies may be required to name our organization/property as an additional insured on their policies.


  • Location fees are set by our organization depending upon a variety of factors such as the nature and purpose of the project, its intended market, its potential promotional value to our organization, the potential disruption to our operation, the extent to which our organization is required to support the project, and the extent to which the rights to the final product are shared with us.
  • The standard daily fee schedule applies to any activity that occurs between the hours  of 7 a.m. and regular closing time (varies seasonally):
    • $5,000.00 for the first two hours, two-hour minimum
    • $1,000.00 for each additional hour
    • Fees for use of our properties outside of posted operating hours will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be based on the number and type of staff required to stay overtime.
    • The $5,000 minimum daily fee must be submitted to our organization one (1) week before the scheduled shoot.

Equipment and Props

  • Outside vehicles are not permitted on our grounds unless prior approval is granted by our Communications team If outside vehicles are granted approval, the following guidelines must be followed:
    • A Communications representative or other designated staff member must accompany any vehicle while it is on our grounds and while the engine is running. Vehicles may not exceed 10 miles per hour, may not travel paved roadways during peak visitor hours, may not travel over bridges and may not honk horns or use any other means to clear pedestrian, animal, or other vehicle traffic.
  • All props to be used during a media production or filming must be approved by the Communications team in advance. Some equipment (lights, reflectors, microphone booms, fog machines, etc.) may be prohibited if it is determined by the Communications team to pose a potential threat to the health or safety of the animals, habitats, or visitors.
  • No plants or animals are to be brought onto our property.
  • Power supplies are limited in certain areas of our property and must be addressed by our electrician on staff.
  • Lighting restrictions may apply to certain areas of our property. In most areas, additional lighting is allowed. 
  • Any materials brought onto our property must be removed by members of the crew.
  • We cannot supply storage of equipment or materials on site prior to or between filming sessions.


  • All camera crews and personnel must provide a list of essential working members that will be needed while on location. Such list will be available to the Communications team and the Guest Relations office 24 hours in advance to assist in the admittance of said working members.
  • Friends, relatives, non-acting minors and non-working crew members are not permitted complimentary admission to our parks without permission from the Communications team.
  • A Communications team representative will be present at all times.


  • While on our property, all production and camera crew personnel shall not in any way attempt to manipulate animals for the sake of production. Clapping, shouting, whistling or any other distractions will not be tolerated.
  • Each crew member must stay in the immediate area of their assigned Communications team representative when visiting or operating in any area not allowed to the general public.
  • All directives given by ANY personnel from our organization are made for the protection of the animals, habitats, visitors, employees and crew members, and such directives must be followed at all times.
  • The production company is fully responsible for all damages that occur at our properties as a result of their actions and for paying for all repairs deemed necessary by our organization.