How do I apply?

Visit the Opportunities section of our website to see if there are any openings for which you are qualified. Best of luck in your search! 

What is the hiring process like? 

Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the department hiring manager. Once the selection for the position is complete, all applicants who applied will receive communication that the position has been closed and we are no longer selecting for that particular position. 

What type of paid positions are there?

Here at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Zoombezi Bay, Safari Golf Club and The Wilds, we have full-time and part time year-round positions, as well as seasonal positions available in most departments throughout our parks. 

How often should I apply to seasonal opportunities?

Our openings are most often posted from season to season (winter, spring, summer and fall) so you will want to return to apply at the start of each calendar season. 

What happens if a seasonal position is offered to me?

If a seasonal position is offered to you, congratulations! In the following days after you have accepted your new role, a representative will reach out to you with onboarding paperwork. Once all of your onboarding paperwork has been submitted, you will be able to start your new job! 

What if I don't know who my seasonal hiring manager is?

If you have been offered a position and are unsure of who your hiring manager is, please contact us at

What do we stand for?

Our Mission here is to:  
Lead and Inspire by connecting people and wildlife.  
Our Vision
The sustainable co-existence of all living things.  
Our Values:  

  • Animal Wellbeing 
  • Community Commitment  
  • Innovation 
  • Transformative Education  
  • Outstanding Service  
  • Leadership 
  • Fun 
  • Conservation 
  • Science-based