The Turtle

The third hole at Safari Golf earns its namesake due to a noticeable crowned middle that is reminiscent of a turtle’s shell; not to mention, you may also be able to spot one enjoying the freshwater pond.

Eighteen percent of the world’s freshwater and terrestrial turtles can be found in the United States, with 12 species existing in Ohio. The water-loving reptiles are being threatened worldwide because of habitat loss and illegal harvesting for the turtle meat trade.

The Zoo provides a home for many species of turtles including the snake-necked turtle, Malaysian giant turtle, leaf turtle and Fly River or pig-nose turtle. They have also partnered with the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) to support research, education on how to handle threats, and to rescue illegally-collected turtles. 

Par HCP Men HCP Women
4 12 12
Blue (72.2/121) White (68.8/121) Gold (66.2/108)
358 340 320