The Giraffe

Your second stop at Safari Golf holds the record for the longest distance from the tee to the hole, which earns its namesake of the tallest mammal in the world: The Giraffe.

With populations in the wild having dropped 40% in just 15 years, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and The Wilds offer homes to reticulated giraffes. Giraffes in the wild face threats of habitat loss, civil unrest, poaching and ecological catastrophes like climate change. Both the Zoo and The Wilds have also partnered with an international breeding program and supported the actions of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) in Africa to aid in the survival of the species.

Par HCP Men HCP Women
5 10 10
Blue (72.2/121) White (68.8/121) Gold (66.2/108)
518 470 393